SFV Travel – Bamboo Sheets Enhance The BNB experience

Luxury Bedding Points To Bamboo

In this world of increasing environmental consciousness, many hotels, bed and breakfasts and other establishments are now attempting to be more green and eco-friendly in response to growing demands from their customers. On the other hand, even if this is beyond the means of your B&B, you can still set yourself apart with eco-friendly bamboo sheets. Luxury Bamboo Sheets
As one of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo is considered to be one of the most renewable natural resources at our disposable, which is why more and more companies are turning towards producing furniture, bedding and a wide variety of other products from bamboo.
Still, far from just being more environmentally friendly than cotton, fabric produced from bamboo is also much softer than cotton. In fact, bamboo fabric is one of the softest natural fabrics known to man, similar in softness to silk and cashmere. Bamboo sheets truly are luxury bedding, so much so that if you’ve never slept on them, you definitely need to give it a try. As well as being twice as soft as cotton, bamboo sheets are much more breathable and can help keep your guests cool during those warm summer nights.
More than just being luxury bedding, bamboo sheets are also hypo-allergenic, meaning your B&B can also appeal to allergy sufferers. What’s more, they are also highly resistant to dust mites, further increasing their appeal.
While silk and other types of luxury bedding are often beyond the price range of many small business owners, bamboo sheets will allow your guests to experience the same level of luxury without costing you an arm and a leg. Check them out at http://bambooquest.com. At the end of the day, very little compares to the feeling of sleeping on bamboo sheets, meaning that making even this one little change can give your business a huge step up on your competitors.